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TREE Life Style Design is a creative carpentry company focusing on sustainability, design and natural materials. For us, it’s not just a job – it’s a lifestyle.

TREE offers joinery, new construction, renovation and interior design and since 2016 we have also worked with Shou Sugi Ban. We manufacture exterior and interior panels as well as furniture and furnishings in Shou Sugi Ban. We manufacture products of both our own design and design collaborations in our own carpentry shop in Venjan, loated in Dalarna, Sweden.

If you choose TREE, you always get high quality work and products. We love to build with natural materials, materials that can be maintained and worn with dignity, environmentally friendly materials that contribute to a healthy living environment. With our knowledge and experience of ecological construction and sustainability, we are happy to help you create a healthy living. We are happy to help design so that it is adapted to your location, your house and your taste so that you get the best conditions to feel good and feel comfortable in your home.

We manufacture and sell exterior and interior panels and furnishings in Shou Sugi Ban on demand. We help you find the kind of treatment and wood that fits your project, and then we order home wood from some of our reliable Swedish suppliers and process it. Everything for us to be flexible and offer what suits you perfectly.

Of course, we also make furniture and furnishings in unburned wood, but right now we are so in love with this fantastic technology that we have a hard time not setting fire to everything!


Shou Sugi Ban by TREE

Shou Sugi Ban is a technology that the Japanese developed centuries ago that involves burning the surface of wood to different stages of carbonization. And Sweden actually has a lot in common with Japan both in terms of climate and design, so we thought, why not in Sweden …

Shou Sugi Ban is an environmentally friendly way of preserving wood, the facade becomes durable and resistant to moisture damage and mold without the need for any toxic products, a pure natural product. Through various powerful burning and brushing of the wood, the unique beautiful grain and structure of the wood is emphasized. Shou Sugi Ban can also be used internally. The natural colors obtained by the fire are aesthetically unique and beautiful and are both highlighted and accentuated by the rest of the interior.

The burnt surface gets different expressions and shades depending on the wood’s properties and degree of burning, how the light is reflected in the surface and whether it is dry or wet, this makes a Shou Sugi Ban panel a beautiful living facade.

If you have an idea that you want to implement, you are very welcome to contact us and we will help you realize it. We value craftsmanship, collaboration and personal service.


TREE – we make reality a dream and your dream reality!


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Jonas Hammarstöm

Carpenter and designer. Creator who loves creative carpentry and joinery projects and designing in the workshop. Joinery, new construction, renovation, interior design.

073 669 50 19


Lisa Rabén

Designer and engineer with Masters of Science in Environmental Planning and Design. Experienced project manager and researcher who is passionate about health and the environment. Research, project management, consultation.

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