Welcome to world of TREE Life Style Design, where we design, create, and live our special kind of natural beauty. Not your ordinary carpentry company, we’re all about nature, sleek design, and working with natural materials. Crafting with Scandinavian simplicity and inspired by the pristine jungle beaches of Costa Rica, our furniture seamlessly blends natural beauty with modern design.

We believe in a lifestyle that harmonizes with nature, using both reclaimed and local wood to create high-quality, sustainable pieces. We embrace the art of natural living with our unique and thoughtful designs. For us its not just a job – it’s a lifestyle.

From joinery to interior design, TREE guarantees top-notch work and products that help you create a space that’s not just stylish, but good for your health and the planet too.

Looking for that special touch of nature in your project? Choose TREE Life Style Design for a fresh take on carpentry and design. Let’s bring some style and nature into your life today!